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Who Is It Board Game Parent-Child Multiplayer Interactive Toys Family Educational Game Ready Stock

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Who Is It Board Game Parent-Child Multiplayer Interactive Toys Family Educational Game Ready Stock Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


High quality
The board game set is made of high quality plastic, paper and paints, which is durable, non-toxic and safe to use.

It can help to enhance children’ s logical thinking , language ability, color cognition etc.

The game enable multi players have fun together, Ideal for parents and children, or friends, make the relationship become closer.

Easy to play
Players secretly select a character and then we try to be the first to guess who their opponent selected

Great gift
It can be a perfect gift for children at Birthday, Easter, Children’s day etc.

How to play steps:
1. The player shuffles the small card and the big card separately, and the cards face down, distinguished by the color of the back, red is 24 cards, blue is 24 cards, the number of small cards and big cards is the same;

2. Two players draw cards (big cards), and one party starts to ask questions. The answer to the question can only be: yes or no, for example A asks: Is it yellow hair, B answers, no, the yellow hair on the game board The small door must be closed;

3. Each person has only one opportunity to ask questions. If the answer is yes, you can keep asking, if the answer is no, you can ask on next turn;

4. When a player has only one door left on the game board, he can shout out the name of the character on the door. If the card corresponds to the character on the door, he can record it on the right side of the game board Score; the player who guesses the five characters quickly wins.

Type: Board Game
Color: As shown
Quantity: 1set
Material: ABS
Tray Size: 25.5*25.5*5.5cm
Long card: 4.5*3cm
Short card: 3.5*3cm
Packing size: 28*28*6cm
1* Board Game, 48* cards

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