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Spot On Flea Tick Treatment Medicine for Pets Cats / Kitten and Dogs / Puppy Ready Stock

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Untitled design - 2021-01-06T194002.216.pngWhy Should I Worry About Fleas and Ticks?

Fleas and ticks are two of the most common external parasites to attack dogs and cats.

Flea and Tick Basics

Fleas are wingless insects that go through a complete metamorphosis. Eggs hatch into larvae, which molt several times and then spin a cocoon from which they emerge as adult fleas. Fleas are difficult to eliminate because this cocoon stage is resistant to pesticides, temperature, and desiccation. They can remain in this stage for up to a year.

Here are some additional flea facts every pet owner should know:

A female flea can lay 40 to 50 eggs per day.

Fleas thrive in temperatures of 65° to 80°F and prefer humidity levels of 75% to 85%.

Fleas live an average 113 days on the host animal.

Female fleas can consume 15 times their body weight in blood daily.

Flea and Tick problems can cause several health issue for our pet such as :

Skin Issues

Flea and tick bites can irritate even the healthiest pets, and those with sensitive skin may develop agonizing allergic reactions to flea and tick bites.Allergic reactions to flea and tick bites can result in rashes, hair loss, skin infections, and chronic skin irritation.


Ticks can transmit many diseases to your pet through their bites, and a flea infestation can be detrimental to your pet’s health.

Now that we're armed with some basic information, it’s time to help our pet to eliminate the flea and get a better health.

Product details :

*100% Brand New

*Kills 98-100% Fleas in 3-12 Hours

*Used at home and abroad for the cat and dog anti-flea lice medicine

*Long-term use can be completely clear the pet body and The environment of fleas and lice

*Good safety performance

*Can be used in pregnant and lactating mother cats, also in more than 23 days of puppies and 8 weeks old kittens.

using Instruction :

1. Cut the bottle nozzle slightly.

2. Turn the cat hair around the back of the neck until it is exposed to the skin.

3. Drop the medicine according to the weight of the cat as below

-10 KG - 1 bottle

-5 KG - 1/2 bottle

-2.5 KG - 1/3 bottle

-Kittens - 1/5 bottle

4. Separate the cats from other cats for avoidance of licking.


This product should be keep away from children

This can not be use for medicine bath

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