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Cofoe Doppler Baby Ultrasound Heart Rate Detector Portable Pregnant Baby Monitor Ready Stock

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Cofoe Doppler Baby Ultrasound Heart Rate Detector Portable Pregnant Baby Monitor Ready Stock Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

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  • CE/FDA/SGS certification approved
  • Backlight control key, LED Screen
  • Smartnoise reduction, more clearly
  • Waterproof and durable probe, support 3.0MHz
  • Speaker and audio output
  • Volume can adjust by yourself
  • Automatic power-off
  • Heart rate abnormal alarm and Low battery indication. hearing the baby sound from via earphone or external amplifier.
  • High sensitivity probe, low ultrasound power, safer to the fetus.
  • No matter day or night can read clearly. Atmospheric intuitive.

Product Information

Product mode :FD-270B

Frequency probe:2.0 mhz

Display range ratio:50-230bpm

Error scope:± 2bpm

Effective date:5 years

Size:14cm(L) * 10.5cm(W) * 3 cm(H)

Weight:180 grams

The battery:2 * AA 



* The pocket doppler detector is a obstetrician unit, which is applied to hospitals, clinics and homes daily self-examination of pregnant women.

* It contains the components of an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver, an analog signal processing unit, FHR computation unit, 2 optional displays, and so on.

* Calculate FHR with DSP technique as used in the fetal heart monitor, ensuring the FHR accuracy and reliability.



①2 mhz Waterproof Probe

High sensitivity of the probe, 9weeks can hear the heartbeat of the fetal.

②LCD digital screen

Lighting screen, digital display is more obvious.

③two models show

Click the left button, switch the two models show.

④no radiation

After Testing, safe and No Radiation.

⑤Turn off automatically

Automatic operation turns down within 60 s.

Package content :

1 × fetal doppler,1 × manual,2 x AA Battery, 1 x250ml Ultrasound Gel



1. After hearing the heart sound, you must continue to move the probe to find a clear, loud, rhythmic position.Keep the probe still after finding it. The data displayed after 5 seconds is the accurate fetal heart rate.

2, When measuring heart rate, pregnant mothers should lie flat or half lie down, keep calm, measure in a quieter environment, and move as little as possible.

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