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18 Pcs Stainless Steel Sharp Nail Clipper Pedicure Manicure Set Kit Nail Cutter Face Foot Care Tools Ready Stock

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18 Pcs Stainless Steel Sharp Nail Clipper Pedicure Manicure Set Kit Nail Cutter Face Foot Care Tools Ready Stock Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


Manicure Set 18pcs Nail Clipper Kit Professional Pedicure Care Tools, Stainless Steel Grooming Tools with Case for Travel(Rose Gold)

Product Description


This nail clipper grooming kit is made of premium stainless steel, processed through alternate hot and cold technology to make sure corrosion-resistant, hard and durable. The edge of each has been polished repeatedly to have a comfort grip, the blade can keep sharp for 10 years after a repetitive polishing and hardening process, give you a smooth and cleaning cutting.


The manicure set has a variety of functions including hand care, foot care and facial treatment, 18pcs tools are elaborately made and can meet your all kinds of care needs in daily life. Not only be used comfortable, but also easy to trim.


This nail clippers set, its highlight is rose gold tools with high-quality. All tools inside are not only exquisite and luxurious, but unique in appearance. You will fondle admiringly when you see it feel comfortable, fashion and practical.


Delicate case with metal rim and fastener, looks very special and be full of elegant, internal stitches is very neat and artistic, good protection for tools from dropping.


Ladies manicure set is designed with a portable size. You can carry it conveniently wherever you go, just put it in your handbag, car, and luggage and so on. Ideal for travel or home use.

1.All items (Scissors, Nail Clippers, Cuticle Remover, Cutter, Etc) are made from premium stainless steel

2.Toughened Case, made from PU Leather

3.This perfect nail clippers set suitable for women and men

4.Extremely Portable - Great for Travelling and Home Use, perfect size for many situations

5.Manicure set combines 18 essential tools for everyday grooming and hygiene needs

6.The high-quality nail set is not only suitable for personal daily use at home, but also a good gift.

Package Contents:

1* Large finger nail clipper:Trim finger nails

1* Medium finger nail clipper:Trim finger nails

1* Diagonal nail clipper Trim the nail Corner

1* Finger nail file: Grinding nails

1* Single-edged doubleed sided

1* Ear pick:clean earwax

1* Three ring Ear pick:clean earwax

1* Eyebrow tweezer repairs:Repair eyebrow,ect

1* Multi-purpose scissors: Trim eyebrow

1* V-shaped push: remove dead skin around nail

1* Push stick: pick dirt inside and around the nails

1* Acne needle and Acne Loop Extractor:Clean up acne

1* Toe-nail nipper:Trim hard and thick toenails

1* Diagonal Pedicure Knife:Clean the old skin of foot

1* Pedicure Knife:Clean the old skin of foot

1* Curved Pedicure Knife:Clean the old skin of foot

1*Nose hair clipper

1*bowl type acne needle


Material: Stainless Steel

Leather Case Size:18Pcs:15.4x10.5x3cm

weight :0.3kg

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